a storyteller WITH a camera

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Jon Thrasher, Photographer

Throughout his career in the music and entertainment industry, Jon shot photos. Starting with film and moving into the digital domain a few years ago. He photographed his travels around the world, music events, and just about everything else that caught his eye. But for decades, he only rarely and then unintentionally, photographed people.  

That changed a few years ago, when he decided to begin shooting people and focus on creating his signature portraiture style. Since then, he has photographed models, actors, fashion designers, musicians, executives and entrepreneurs. His photos have been published online and in print, around the globe. And his portraits have won international awards!

His style of photography is often referred to as editorial, and that’s because he always emphasizes the context in which an images is captured. He is always looking to capture a mood and the emotions, and to tell a story though his images.

He has worked with brands and for agencies throughout the US and the UK, and his photography has been used for marketing, advertising, in print, on websites and in social media campaigns. Jon loves working with young people, especially high school seniors and aspiring models, to make them feel like they belong on the pages of TeenVogue.

Traveling extensively throughout North America, Europe and the UK, he is always open to on-location projects. He frequently works with new brands and start-ups. Use the CONTACT form below to reach out and discuss any project or potential collaboration with him.

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